Pavlov Music Productions is a fusion of music production company and music agency.

We produce music for film, theater and ballet, make arrangements and orchestrations, organize recordings.

We organise and promote concert programs.


Dmitri Pavlov biography:

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Born in St.Petersburg
1982 Graduates Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatoire: composition, theory of music
1984 works in St.Petersburg TV and Radio Studio, composing for theatre companies, ballets, film-and radio productions for electronic as well as for acoustic instruments
1987 works at his own studio
1988 Festival of Music Films, Moscow: "Bells of the North", director: M.Micheev, First prize 1990 member of the "Association of Electronic Music in Russia of the Unesco"
1991-1993 music director of "Theatre Vremya"
1988,1992,1993,1996,2002 Awards for film-music
1989,1990,1993 Compositions selected for Winning Brackets of Top Ten entries at the International Electronic Music Competition, Bourges, France

1992 International Competition of Television Films-Denmark: "Kolyma",

director - M.Micheev, First prize

36 Leipzig International Festival of Documentaries and Animations: Kolyma", director - M.Micheev, "Silberne Taube"

1992 Alter Oper/Frankfurt am Main: Ballett „Das Leben der Farben“

1992 Pavlov Ballet Company was formed

1993 Cannes Film Festival:"Tchekist", Production - Troitsky most, La Sept, Sodeperaga, director - A.Rogozhkin
1997 lives and works in Berlin

2002 Moscow International Film Festival:"The Cuckoo", Production-Sony Pictures/ CTB Film Company, director - A.Rogozhkin, First prize

2002 Jenaer Philharmonie, 2006 Berner Symphonie-Orchester – Concerto for Piano, Computer and Orchestra, conductor - Andrey Boreyko, piano - Dmitri Pavlov

2002 Sony Music: "The Cuckoo" Soundtrack

2003 Berlinale:"Sapiens"(short film), director - A.Rogozhkin

2004 State Prize from the Russian Federation

2004 Royal School of Dance, Seoul, South Korea:"The Song of the Little Mermaid", ballet

2006 "Spirits of Mozart", Concert of Wiener Mozartjahr 2006, Dee Bridgewater, Ian

Andersen (“Jethro Tull”), Christiane Oelze, Bendjamin Schmid, Amira Selim, Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra, conductor - Andrey Boreyko, arrangements and piano - Dmitri Pavlov
2008 Member of the German Composers Association (Deutscher Komponistenverband)
since 2004 music director of the Festival “Brandenburger Klostersommer”

2010 „Nola Note im großen Orchester“, CD-Production - JAKO-O, Symphonic Orchestra

Bratislava & Nürnberger Symphoniker, arranger and conducter - Dmitri Pavlov
2010 Jocelyn B. Smith – Zeitzeugenkonzert, Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin (DSO) conductor prof. Bernd Wefelmeyer, arrangement - Dmitri Pavlov

2012 Pavlov Music Productions was formed

2012 Member of the Lions Club/Germany

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