Pavlov Music Productions is a fusion of music production company and music agency.

We produce music for film, theater and ballet, make arrangements and orchestrations, organize recordings.

We organise and promote concert programs.



Concert Programs:

Pic 1

Concert Program “BaROCK von Sanssouci”

Offenbarung des Königs Friedrich dem Großen

Concert program in 2 acts. Duration: - 90 minutes

Music: Dmitri Pavlov (with themes from I.S. Bach and Frederick the Great)
Text: Frederick the Great (Philosophical letters to Voltaire and Fouque, the military commands and poetry in German and French).

Pic 2

„The Blue Flower“ – song recital

Eugen Duvnjak
Dmitri Pavlov - Piano

Tale I: 9 Songs for tenor and piano
Text: Joseph von Eichendorff
Music: Dmitri Pavlov
Tale II: Italian Arias and Songs

Pic 3

„Mots Pluie Partitions“

26 poems of Elizabeth Pillorget for soprano, vocal ensemble and Piano/chamber orchestra.

Anne Bretschneider soprano
Dmitri Pavlov piano