Pavlov Music Productions is a fusion of music production company and music agency.

We produce music for film, theater and ballet, make arrangements and orchestrations, organize recordings.

We organise and promote concert programs.


Concert Programs:

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Concert Program – „BaROCK von Sanssouci“

Concert program in 2 acts. Duration: - 90 minutes

Music: Dmitri Pavlov (with themes from I.S. Bach and Frederick the Great)

Text: Frederick the Great (Philosophical letters to Voltaire and Fouque, the military commands and poetry in German and French).

Concept: "BaROCK von Sanssouci" as a modern view of the Prussian Baroque. By universal personality of Frederick the Great - politician, philosopher, poet and musician - we enter the world of the aristocratic culture of the 18th Century Prussia and you suddenly realize that rationalism, skepticism, eroticism and hedonism of Sanssouci, surprised to see a line with the spirit of our time.

The program is tailored to the general public.

Premiere and 5 performances of the program with theatrical staging and dancers performed at the festival "Abbey Summer 2012" on stage at the Brandenburg Theatre with great success. The press has praised the music of Dmitri Pavlov very. References available on request.

Dmitri Pavlov owns the rights and would like to put together a new concert version with video / light projections and without dancers and theater.

Links to listen:


Theme Regium

The Battle

Cast (in total 11 persons):

Soloists: soprano, baritone and singing actors

Band: flute, guitar, bass, drums and keyboards

Sound engineer, video engineer, lighting technician

Set: white screen (for video projection) Rear

5 Platforms for Musicians: 3 platforms 2x2 and 2x4 meter 2 platforms

Sound Technician: standard concert hall facilities